Travelshift’s travel platform, Guide to Europe, has announced an artificial intelligence (AI) travel planner powered by generative AI named Travis, offering users optimised travel itineraries based on customer preferences, attraction proximity, a unique blend of review data, opening hours, and other critical variables.

Travelshift Head of AI, the maker of Guide to Europe and the visionary of Travis, Dr Helgi Helgason said the company was delighted to introduce a chatbot that revolutionised how people plan their travels, in which Travis allowed users to interact and search for the perfect trip using natural language.

“You do not even have to specify a destination; you can also just input your desired experiences such as weather, region or culture. Travis can save time and prevent stress by allowing customers to quickly book perfectly planned trips with confidence.

“Travis is not just an itinerary planner; it is a game-changer. Leveraging a massive amount of data, it can meticulously plan your trip in a way that we are confident surpasses human capabilities both in precision and speed,” he said.

According to Travelshift in a statement, using a state-of-the-art genetic AI algorithm, Travis curates an unparalleled selection of attractions and optimises routes to offer a seamless travel experience.

The Chatbot goes beyond conventional planning by packaging the best services tailored to customer preferences and reviews, enabling users to view and book an entire trip in one simple booking process.

With the launch of this innovative service, Guide to Europe solidified its position at the forefront of travel technology, offering an entirely new dimension in trip planning, finding and booking vacations in Europe.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency