IPOH, Losing her father to nasal cancer has made Sharole Chee, 34, a cancer survivor herself, more determined to fight against the deadly disease.

“I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in October last year while my father died last June. I was scared initially. My thought then was only of death that I would die because the cancer cells are spreading and growing in the right breast,” she said.

Chee was met at the launch of the breast cancer and diabetes awareness campaign, ‘Fight For Pink Act For Blue’, organised by the Perak Community Specialist Hospital (PCSH) here yesterday.

The woman said prior to her being diagnosed with cancer she had been having shortness of breath and pain in her breast.

There was also redness on the breast and initial examination suspected that it was only due to inflammation, she added.

Chee, of Falim here, said she went for further examination at a private hospital when her condition did not improve and was later diagnosed with breast cancer.

“The doctor told me that cancer has spread and advised me to see a specialist doctor in Kuala Lumpur,” she said, adding that following treatment and surgery, the result of the latest scan found no more cancer cells in her breast.

She advised women diagnosed with breast cancer not to lose hope as there is treatment for it.

Chee, who was the motivational speaker at the programme, also advised the public to take care of their health, by eating healthy and getting enough rest.

Meanwhile, a nursery teacher Nurul Bazilah Bazaruddin, 27, said she was diagnosed with breast cancer last December when she was pregnant with her second child.

A month later, following doctor’s advice, she was forced to deliver her child through a C-section.

“I was only seven months (pregnant) then but had to deliver the baby because the cancer cells were spreading fast.

“I am very grateful that my child is healthy and after the confinement period, underwent chemotherapy treatment, followed by radiotherapy,” she said.

Nurul Bazilah, who lives in Rapat Setia, said she was very depressed while undergoing chemotherapy treatment, especially with severe hair loss, but was able to bounce back with support from her husband.

During the launch of the campaign, PCSH also provided mammograms and Ultrasound tests, as well as for diabetes.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency