PASIR MAS, Traders at the Rantau Panjang duty-free zone here are auctioning off goods that were affected by flood waters at heavily discounted prices to cut losses.

The enterprising ‘fire sale’ has made the Rantau Panjang town centre a lively market place today as visitors came in droves.

Trader Samsiah Abdullah, 60, who sells women’s garments, said she decided to auction some of the goods, hoping to covering losses and using the money to repair her flood-damaged house.

‘It’s actually a loss, but if I keep the clothes, I can’t sustain either, so it’s better to auction it at a lower price. The good thing is that people are willing to buy since it’s cheap. Even if I don’t get my capital back, at least I can absorb some losses,’ she told Bernama today.

Not all the goods sold cheaply are flood-damaged but as Samsiah commented further, some of her merchandise was not affected or damaged in the flood waters which rose so quickly and high.

‘I only managed to move some of my sales items to a higher place. But I couldn’t save everything because I had to rush back home, I was worried I’ll be stuck here if I didn’t get out quickly,’ she admitted.

As for home goods dealer, Nuriha Muhammad, 37, she did not expect so many people to visit the duty-free zone today and regarded it as a blessing since traders and residents faced fewer customers and also the scourge of flood damage to merchandise and homes.

‘But luckily, many buyers came. There were also my followers on TikTok who came from far away, some from as far as Melaka and Terengganu to help us out here.

‘I believe this is all a blessing. God is just, he takes one, he gives back 10 times,’ she said.

A sportswear dealer known as ‘Ruby’ said the floods gave her the chance to be charitable by selling sportswear at a price of RM50 for four pairs.

‘Usually I sell them at RM35 per pair. But I know there are many in need, so I intend to donate, even though most of the pants were not even affected (damaged) by flood waters,’ she said.

The recent floods had brought hardship to the people and traders in Rantau Panjang.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency