KOICA Cambodia Office late last week dispatched 14 members of project volunteers to Cambodia for the “Capacity Building Project for Cambodia National and Public Youth Centres”discovered by the KOICA and carrying out by Soon Chun Hyang University.

According to a press release of KOICA Cambodia Office AKP received this morning, the project volunteers were selected to strengthen the capacity of the youth centres in Cambodia, and they have been conducting an online volunteering in Korea for four months since last December, and are now expected to begin their activities in Cambodia.

The project volunteers will be divided into 6 teams and dispatched to the Siem Reap National Youth Centre, Kampong Chamg, Kampong Thom, Kampong Chhnang, Takeo and Kandal Public Youth Centres to conduct their activities to improve the quality of life of the youth in each local.

They plan to continue activities such as developing and operating youth-based education programmes, training and building capacity of youth leaders and doing campaigns on the awareness of youth’s rights. With their activities, it is expected that the operation and function of the youth centres will be activated and the local community will actively participate in the protecting the youth.

Cambodia’s national and public youth centres are located in six regions under the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, however their operation system has not been fully activated due to the limitation of operation programme, lack of instructors and publicity in the region.

Accordingly, KOICA Cambodia Office proposed the ‘Capacity Building Project for Cambodia National and Public Youth Centres’ to strengthen the capacity of six youth centers and enhance the quality of life of youth by dispatching project volunteers with expertise in youth development and computer education.

“We are dispatching project volunteer to build a healthy community that actively supports the basic rights and educational opportunities of the youth, who will become Cambodia’s potential human recourses,” said Mr. Rho Hyun-Jun, Director of KOICA Cambodia Office. “Through this project volunteer, we hope that the capacity of national and public youth centres in Cambodia will be strengthened and that sustainable programmes will be developed and realised for the youth in Cambodia.”

KOICA Cambodia Office is the implementing agency of the World Friend Korea (WFK) volunteer programme which has been dispatching the Korean volunteers overseas.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press

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