Cambodian Jet Ski Rider, Mr. Saly Ou Moeut, the gold medalist for Asian Games in 2018, has topped 1st for Pro Am Ski Modified from the Jet Ski Pro Tour 2021 in Thailand.

“I am proud and happy after winning the games. I will continue my hard work for the sport, especially for the upcoming big international challenges,” Mr. Saly Ou Moeut said.

“I did well and earned the 1st place in the first, third and fourth rounds of the competition,” he added.

The first round of the challenge took place on Oct. 30-31, the second on Nov. 20-21, the third on Dec. 4-5, and the fourth on Dec. 18-19.

The Cambodian athletes attending the contest include Mr. Min Mustan, Mr. Min Osman, Mr. Kai Vansiden, Mr. Saly Philin, and Mr. Saly Ou Moeut.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press

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