London, UK, March 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) The TronNinja arcade built on the Tron Blockchain is set to bring back the local Arcade with a twist. A mini metaverse dubbed the Ninjaverse will allow users to meet, socialize, and compete in a Roblox style open world. Each user can play as their TronNinja NFT and even own their own Retro Arcade machine and its revenue.

Retro arcade games have a place in most gamers’ hearts. The games we spent our days playing before life got in the way, those who remember, know that the local Arcade was always much more than playing games; the social aspect of it was just as important. That was all lost long ago when computers became accessible.

The team behind TronNinjas came together out of love for retro gaming! They are a multi-national team of software developers, marketers and visionaries. They are making the Tron Blockchain the home of the Ninjaverse due to the high throughput and low-cost transactions. It was deemed the perfect solution for a Play to Earn game.

“At its core, the Tron ninja arcade was born out of love for something which died long ago; playing games in arcades was more than gaming; it was a social hub for people when not everyone could have a computer. You would spend your days with friends competing, playing, and socializing at your local Arcade — That is what we are trying to encapsulate here; not only playing games but the social aspect of Tron Ninjas is as essential. We are trying to digitalize the local Arcade and bring back an old art form in a new medium.” Mo – Founder

The TronNinja Arcade is now live, and anyone can take part in weekly GameFi E-Sports events with prizes for the winners. There are already four playable retro games; users can earn the TronNinjas native token TNT just by playing games. The next phase of the project is the Ninjaverse.


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