TUMPAT, like any other public holiday, the atmosphere at Pantai Sri Tujoh here was lively with the presence of many visitors spending leisurely time with family and friends.

The buzz however heightened when bikers on more than 200 classic Honda C70 motorcycles ‘charmed’ the beach facing the South China Sea with various interesting activities held.

Speaking to Bernama, president of Kelantan Custom Rare Shazwan Saupi said the seaside programme was held through the biking club’s collaboration with Rachun Dhoniaa, the Honda C70 classic motorcycle club from north of the country.

“The Kelantan Custom Rare V2 Gathering with the theme ‘Old Pals Come Back’ managed to gather more than 200 participants involving Kelantan Custom Rare club members as well as Rachun Dhoniaa from Penang, Kedah and Perlis, while motorcycle owners from Terengganu also converged,” he said here today.

In addition to riding a classic motorcycle, the participants were dressed in old-fashioned style complete with ‘semutar’ (Kelantanese headdress) and songkok as a symbol of the theme of the celebration.

Speaking further, Shazwan said the programme was held to strengthen comradeship among members of the classic motorcycle clubs.

“As the host, we celebrate our friends from the north of the country. In fact, to match the theme of the programme, members of the Kelantan Custom Rare club also set up a coffee stall built of discarded wood to bring back nostalgia and the old style in today’s activities,” he said.

According to Shazwan, the one-day programme was being held from noon to 11 pm tonight.

“In addition to gathering activities, we also hold classic motorcycle exhibitions, sports events, congregational prayers, religious lectures, tahlil readings, fireworks show and lucky draws,” he said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency