Experts from the Department of Conservation of Monuments and Preventive Archaeology of the APSARA National Authority said that the restoration project of the Takav Gate in the western part of Angkor Thom has been so far completed about 70 percent.

Ms. Meng Sovanlylin, Architect in the technical team to restore Takav Gate, said that on April 8, the restoration team has restored many parts of Takav Gate, such as the four elephant sculptures, the western and northern Brahma faces, which are almost completely restored. And the eastern and southern Brahma faces are being restored.

Ms. Meng Sovanlylin continued that so far about 70 percent of the restoration work has been completed. Currently, the experts are rushing to restore the Brahma faces of the Takav Gate, which is the final step.

According to news release of the APSARA National Authority issued this afternoon, due to age, natural and human factors, the Takav Gate has severe damage, and most of the structures of the gate, such as the four elephants and the Brahma faces sculptures have collapsed that necessary need to be restored.

APSARA National Authority has been working to restore Takav Gate since December 2019, and the project will take about two years to be completed, it pointed out.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press

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