APSARA National Authority is planning to finish the repair of Buddha statues at Angkor Wat Temple’s Bakan tower soon.

The update was shared recently by Mr. Soy Sophearin, the authority’s Archaeologist and Head of the restoration project, adding that the restoration work is now 90 percent complete.

In 2021, the restoration team repaired a Buddha statue in the south, and in 2022, three more Buddha statues are being restored in the north, west, and east, as well as two Nirvana Buddha statues in the east and north, Mr. Soy Sophearin pointed out.

The team also restored and strengthened the window pillars and some other structures around the statues, he added.

The statues’ original condition was dilapidated that needed to be restored and preserved immediately, Mr. Sophearin said, explaining that on the statues, there were black clay, dust, salt, bat droppings, and bat urine.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press

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