IPOH, A member of the Perak State Legislative Assembly today proposed the enactment of a law to penalise farmers who allow their livestock to roam freely on roads, resulting in fatal accidents involving road users.

Angeline Khoo Hai Yen (PH-Keranji) also suggested in a private motion that the proposed legislation should require livestock breeders to brand their cattle.

“A farmer whose livestock is found to be the cause of a fatal accident should be subjected to serious punishment, such as under Section 41 of the Road Transport Act 1987, which addresses causing death by reckless or dangerous driving,” she said when tabling the motion at the assembly meeting.

Khoo’s proposal called for a convicted livestock breeder to be sentenced to a minimum of two years and up to a maximum of 10 years imprisonment, along with a fine ranging from RM5,000 to RM20,000.

She expressed her belief that the penalty could serve as a deterrent for farmers, discouraging them from allowing their livestock to roam the roads and enda
nger road users.

“I also propose that the owners of the livestock forfeit their right to make any claim if the animals are found to be unregistered or unbranded after being seized by the local authority.

“This drastic action will compel farmers to register their livestock, making it easier for the authorities to enforce the law,” she said.

Khoo pointed out that the Pahang State Buffalo and Cattle Control Enactment 2001 could serve as a reference for enacting similar legislation in Perak.

The Pahang enactment prohibits all buffaloes or cattle from being, kept or moved in restricted areas, including road surfaces, areas within 20 metres of road shoulders, and all public places.

“If any buffalo or cow is found in the restricted areas, it can be seized by the relevant authorities or authorised officers in a manner deemed appropriate, without prior notice,” she said.

“I am confident that with a new enactment for the control of stray animals in the state of Perak, many of the buffalo and cattle problems can b
e resolved or addressed,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ishsam Shahruddin (BN-Ayer Kuning), when debating the motion, said the proposed enactment would benefit not only the general public but also livestock breeders and the industry itself.

The enactment could also help reduce the incidence of farm animals roaming on roads, which often results in accidents and traffic disruption, he said.

“In this context, I wish to emphasise that the proposed legislation is not meant to inconvenience farmers but to help them carry out livestock breeding in an orderly manner.

“The government can provide aid in the form of technical support, advisory services, and perhaps even financial assistance to help farmers comply with the regulations,” he said.

Datuk Zainol Fadzi Paharudin (PN-Sungai Manik) added that overall, the state government cannot focus only on farm animals, as departments and agencies must also address matters involving wild animals.

The assembly will reconvene tomorrow.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency