The Ministry of Justice conducted on Tuesday a meeting on “Expedition of Procedure of Money Laundering Cases” under the presidency by H.E. Koeut RITH, Minister of Justice and the President of the Ad-Hoc Sub-Committee for the Implementation of Action Plans of the Joint Group of Asia/Pacific Group on International Cooperation.

The meeting was attended by presidents of Phnom Penh and Regional Courts of Appeal, prosecutors general of the Prosecution Offices attached to Phnom Penh and the Regional Courts of Appeal, presidents of the Municipal/Provincial Courts of First Instance, the prosecutors of Prosecution Offices attached to the Municipal/Provincial Courts of First Instance.

According to a press release of the Ministry of Justice, this meeting aimed at disseminating and expediting the implementation in accordance with the spirit of the Letter No. 0768 KY.RB/22 dated 27 June 2022 issued by the Ministry of Justice on “The Expedition of the Court Proceedings on Money Laundering Cases at all Levels of the Courts and Prosecution Offices attached to the Courts” requesting the Courts and Prosecution Offices at all levels with money laundering cases within their respective jurisdictions, particularly on high-risk offenses to continue paying close attention and prioritising those cases by appropriately and strictly adhering to the applicable laws and regulations and the standard operating procedures on anti-money laundering.

The Minister of Justice has also highlighted that the courts and prosecution offices’ continued contributions to anti-money laundering tasks, which are of essence and of utmost importance to the nation, contributes to efforts to have Cambodia delisted from the Financial Action Task Force – FATF’s Grey List and strengthen the transparency, trust and resilience of Cambodian financial system which will take part in combating the financing of terrorism and financing of proliferation of weapon of mass destruction which are deemed to be common global issue.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press

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