IPOH, The Ipoh City Council (MBI) aims to fully install 36 integrated smart lampposts (smart poles) that will work towards expanding the 5G technology network, by 2027 at the latest.

Mayor Datuk Rumaizi Baharin said the construction of the lampposts will be fully funded under the Private Financing Initiative whereas the installation will be undertaken by an appointed party who holds a Network Facilities Provider Individual (NFPi) licence.

“This 5G telecommunications network is important in today’s life and at the same time it supports our ambitions towards the Ipoh Smart City 2030,” he said.

“For its construction, parties in possession of the NFPi licence will build (the poles) and when completed they will be leased out to a telecommunications company for the provision of frequency signals. The NFPi will also pay a monthly rental to the MBI for the area used for the construction of the poles,” he said.

Rumaizi said this after attending the public dialogue session on the installation of smart poles around Ipoh City at the Dewan Silver Star Kampung Simee here today.

He said the main objective of the initiative is not only as a convenience for the people but also as a contributor in attracting foreign investment to the city.

“It is a necessity to open up more spaces for foreign investment into the city. This will bring many benefits, especially from the point of view of generating the state’s economy as well as providing employment opportunities for the people,” he also said.

Meanwhile, Ipoh Timur member of parliament Howard Lee Chuan How said the information session related to the construction of the infrastructure needed to be done in detail as some claimed that the facility contributed to the effects of radiation on people’s health.

“Like it or not, as a representatives of the people we need to go down to the grassroots to tell the importance and benefits of building this infrastructure from the various angles,” he also said.

“I think this matter is something that should be implemented to ease their worries because it is an important government agenda to increase income and develop the country,” he added.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency