The head of the Deva statue, two faces from the middle of the nose, has been found in the ground near the northeast corner of the Takav Gate recently, according to the APSARA National Authority.

For this Deva’s head statue, it added, the team had an assemble trial with the statue of Deva’s shoulder that was found earlier, as the result, the head statue matched with the body.

After re-assembling, the team along with the heritage Police kept the statue on site for further restoration, it underlined.

The restoration project of Takav Gate kicked off in May this year, and it is expected to complete in 2023.

Takav is one of the five gates of Angkor Thom city. Located in the west of Bayon Temple, the gate was made of sandstone and laterite with three four-faced Brahma above.




Source: Agency Kampuchea Press


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