The Ministry of Health has notified an exemption of quarantine requirement for COVID-19 patients who have received complete treatment either at the hospital, clinic or home.

The official notification was issued on Oct. 26 by the ministry with the signature of the Health Minister and the Chair of the Inter-ministerial Committee for Combating COVID-19 H.E. Prof. Mam Bunheng.

It specified that any COVID-19 patients without basic or complete vaccination who have received 14-day treatment and have no symptom of the disease within three days after the treatment will not require to do additional quarantine.

For those with basic vaccination who do not show any symptom of the disease on the sixth, seventh and eighth days of their treatment are required to undergo a rapid testing, and if the result is negative, they will be discharged from the treatment without further quarantine requirement.

In case the patients fully vaccinated who could not afford the rapid testing by themselves but do not indicate any symptom of the disease on the ninth, tenth and eleventh of their treatment, they will be dismissed from the treatment without quarantine requirement.

The notification is effective from the date when it was issued onward.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press

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