Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister, Samdech Krolahom Sar Kheng, Minister of Interior, has called on the ASEANAPOL to jointly crackdown all forms of transnational crimes as well as combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

While presiding over the opening ceremony of the 40th ASEANAPOL Conference in Phnom Penh this morning, Samdech Krolahom Sar Kheng said the police forces of ASEAN member countries have the necessary responsibility to create a better security environment as a strong support for the development process in all areas and strengthen and expand the scope of cooperation within the bilateral and multilateral framework, both in the region and inter-regions, aiming to help each other solve challenges, creating a culture of unity in the fight against all forms of transnational crimes and COVID-19.

The Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister considered the 40th ASEANAPOL Conference in 2022 a turning point for the police forces of ASEAN member countries, as the event takes place at a time when the world in general, and in particular, the ASEAN region is striving to recover from the threat posed by COVID-19 to a New Normal for prosperity and development.

Samdech Krolahom Sar Kheng also encouraged the ASEANAPOL to continue to foster and establish relations with more dialogue partners so as to mobilise supportive forces to make the ASEAN Community stronger and more prestigious.

Moreover, he recommended the ASEANAPOL to support each other in building human resources, and create a balance between law enforcement cooperation partners both inside and outside the region, through professional training and exchange of good practices.

Cambodia is hosting the 40th ASEANAPOL Conference from Mar. 1 to 5, 2022. This annual gathering of ASEAN police chiefs is very important for linking and enhancing partnership, cooperation and mutual assistance, especially in responding to the current global public health concern and in promoting peace, stability, security and public order.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press

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