Work Management on a Smart Visual Canvas

Work Management on a Smart Visual Canvas

MELBOURNE, Australia, March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Creately, the global leader in diagramming and visual collaboration, today announced the launch of Creately 4.0 – The world’s first work management platform that runs on a smart visual canvas. The birth of Creately 4.0 marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey as it realizes its original purpose of creating an integrated work management platform that matches today’s challenges of distributed teams working and keeping track of multiple apps and systems.

Connecting ideas, plans, project execution, and multiple domain-specific applications is unthinkably complex. Creately converts the concept of ‘connecting dots across the company’ into practical reality by throwing away the rule book on how business software is supposed to look and work. Through taking a completely new approach to building apps, Creately is able to provide a simple interface with incredible flexibility and power to get things done on a singular canvas.

The reinvented Creately is powered by advanced data management, collaboration and capacity management capabilities. It is now a clever no-code platform that connects cross-functional teams in organizations by creating centralized workflows. The free-form canvas that’s data-powered helps teams go from idea to execution in a singular space. It replaces traditional docs, project management tools and knowledge management tools with a much simpler, unified approach.

Creately 4.0 features first-class documentation capabilities that work with two-way links and data embeds. Unlike the traditional note-taking apps and Wikis that primarily store information in docs or sheets, Creately uses flexible visuals.

For instance, an org chart is much more than a mere structural hierarchy with names and designations. The data panel that can be accessed with a single click on every shape ensures that each item in the chart can hold crucial information such as key responsibilities, remuneration, projects involved and performance reports. In short, teams can zoom in to details from the big picture view on a single workspace.

Creately’s transformation makes it an all-in-one workspace that allows teams to replace the disjointed set of apps that are being used to manage work in the current workplace, from idea to execution and knowledge capture. Teams will now be able to implement new and creative ways to organize work and track tasks, avoiding the ‘grunt work’ of switching back and forth between different apps.

In line with this transformation, the company is launching a new app interface, new features, a new brand and completely reinventing the software in building a smart work management platform. While Creately is more powerful than ever, its simplicity and ease of use remain the same.

Creately is now ready to usher in the new era of work, and the company is excited for millions of teams out across the globe to use it to unlock their true potential.

Further information: Nilma Yapa (Marketing Manager) at Creately

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