Cambodia’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) and many partner organisations this morning organised an event to mark the World Food Day 2019 under the theme “Our Action are our Future. Healthy diets for a #Zero Hunger World”.

The event took place in Wat Mony Udom, Chreng village, Svay Luong commune, Kandieng district, Pursat province in the presence of Minister of MAFF H.E. Veng Sakhon, World Food Programme (WFP) Country Director and Representative Ms. Francesca Edelman, Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Representative in Cambodia Mr. Alexandre Huynh, and Pursat Provincial Governor H.E. Mao Thonin.

Speaking on the occasion, H.E. Veng Sokhon highlighted the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC)’s high attention to ensure food security and nutrition in the country, considering the investment on nutrition as an “acceleration force” to achieve other sustainable development goals related to the people’s wellbeing, which helps developing our human capital and national socio-economy.

H.E. Minister also reaffirmed the RGC’s commitment to let no one dies of hunger, and appealed to all stakeholders to support diverse agriculture and potential production, continue investing on food diversity strengthening, disseminate appropriate agricultural techniques to farmers, boost contract farming, take part in reforestation, and promote green investment.

FAO Representative in Cambodia Mr. Alexandre Huynh underlined that World Food Day 2019 calls for action to make healthy and sustainable diets accessible and affordable. For this, partnerships are fundamental. Farmers, governments, researchers, the private sector and consumer, all have a role to play.

He quoted the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World Report 2019 stating that the number of undernourished people in the world is increasing. Globally, more than 820 million people, or roughly one in nine people, are going hungry. Most of them living in the Asia-Pacific region.

“The most complex challenge of our time is that at the same time, there are more people who are overweight than those who are undernourished. And that number is quickly increasing. Both undernutrition and overnutrition have a great impact on how we grow and develop, how we feel, how healthy we are, how productive we can be in our daily lives at home and at work,” said for her part WFP Country Director and Representative Ms. Francesca Edelman.

In Cambodia, she continued, overweight is affecting almost 1 in 6 women. While 28 percent of adolescent women are undernourished, some 31 percent of older women experience the opposite. But, she added, WFP does not have data about men, however it expects to find similar trends.

“Poverty, household situation, the environment are all key factors in influencing nutritional wellbeing. The choices we make every day about what we eat also contribute a great deal to how well-nourished we are. A healthy diet is key to a healthy life,” she said. “As we earn more money it is tempting to treat ourselves to snacks and drinks that contain a lot of sugar, salt and fats. Those foods are also convenient for those of us who eat our meals on the way to or at our work place.”

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press

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