The APSARA National Authority’s technicians are working to restore two wooden dormitories in Preah Prohm Rath Pagoda, a traditional Buddhist temple located in Mondul 1 village, Svay Dangkum commune, Siem Reap provincial city.

According to a news release of the APSARA National Authority issued this morning, the two wooden dormitories have two different architectural designs (the Khmer or Koeung housing design and the Peth housing design). The two structures were built in two different phases. The Khmer or Koeung was built during the 1940s and the Peth was built during the 1950s (according to Venerable Pin Sem, Chief Monk of Wat Reach Bo).

The architecture of these wooden structures has unique value, both in technique and the luxury of art through this architecture, it said.

Both buildings are now very old and dilapidated due to the age and quality of the construction and the damage caused by insects, the source added.

The technicians of APSARA National Authority will use the same techniques and materials to restore these wooden structures because the loss of these wooden structures is not only the loss of the appearance of the structure, but also the techniques of the construction of wooden structures, such as the connection of wood components, skills in the field of art, beliefs, and traditions, it pointed out.

“APSARA National Authority strongly believes that these wooden structures, after being restored, will continue to fulfill their role and will maintain the value mentioned above for the benefit of research as well as the study for those who wish to understand the construction of wooden buildings,” underlined the news release. “It is also an important part of preserving the ancient heritage and can attract tourists to visit and find out more in addition to our ancient temples.”

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press

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