HERMOSILLO, Mexico, March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AM FRESH Group and RIO BLANCO combine forces to establish TERRAMARA FRESH, a joint venture powerhouse of innovative table grape varieties and sustainable farming. For over 30 years, RIO BLANCO – through its TERRAMARA investment – has thrived as a competitive farming platform. The new combined partnership will focus on production of a diverse array of premium varieties, to offer customers a breadth of high-flavored, disease resistant, and high-antioxidant table grape varieties. The premium varieties from proprietary breeding platforms will complement the existing table grape offer, improve competitiveness of table grapes relative to other fruits, and ultimately drive the sophistication of the table grape category for the benefit of retailers and consumers.

The emphasis on production will focus on innovative grapes which are resilient, have higher yields, are more resistant to weather changes, deliver consistent high-quality flavor profiles and have higher nutritional values aims to propel farming in Mexico and continue to expand in coming years. The combined agri-tech and farming expertise of AM FRESH and RIO BLANCO will accelerate farming innovation to the forefront of fruit growing practices.

“At AM FRESH we seek to deliver the next generation of innovative table grape varieties and together with RIO BLANCO we have the thrilling opportunity to excite consumers with delicious, healthy and natural varieties produced under sustainable practices, as well as to extend the growing season to meet growing demand,” said Alvaro Muñoz, CEO of AM FRESH Group.

“Sustainable agriculture is pivotal for RIO BLANCO and the region in which we operate,” said Sandro Peppi, Chairman of RIO BLANCO. “In order to drive significant impact in the table grape industry in Mexico and to our export markets, it is critical that we combine our efforts with global grape experts and together accelerate a more sustainable future for Mexico and the table grape category.”

The new combined entity will be managed by Luis Felipe Montes, Managing Director of TERRAMARA for the past nine years. Luis Felipe stated, “We are thrilled by this joint venture and its objective to add growth, cooperation and new technology to TERRAMARA in the development of new varieties and therefore get closer to retailers and consumers.”

AM FRESH Group is focused on leading varietal innovation, agrotechnology and biotechnology, extensive agriculture and global marketing of citrus, table grapes, tropical products and superfoods, plant-based foods, apples and pears and flowers. AM FRESH is a family business with more than 90 years of experience, present in more than 60 countries and with more than 6,200 employees who are passionate and committed to innovation. AM FRESH operates with an integrated value chain model to serve major retailers around the world. For more information visit www.amfresh.com

The RIO BLANCO Group is a family business, a leader in its field, established in the late 1970s. Its founders are pioneers in the fruit industry based in Chile, with constant growth and are proud to have a reputable brand and quality products recognized worldwide. RIO BLANCO develops sustainable cultivation through state-of-the-art technology, with operations in Hermosillo, Mexico and in the main area from Curicó to Copiapó in Chile, in addition to currently incorporating new areas of operation in Mexico, predominantly of table grapes, citrus, pomegranates, kiwis and cherries. RIO BLANCO is supported by a fully integrated value chain that includes production, processing, shipping and distribution of fresh fruit and a group of experts in the field that make up the core of its human resources. For more information visit www.rioblanco.net

Patricia Sagarminaga
Group Director Marketing & Communications patricia.sagarminaga@amfresh.com +34669161941

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