(2nd LD) Another round of heavy downpours forecast till early Wednesday, Seoul expected to receive up to 120 mm

Another round of monsoon rains will hit most regions of the country till late Wednesday with the greater Seoul area to receive up to 120 mm of rainfall until late Wednesday, the state weather agency said Tuesday.

Heavy downpours have left one person missing, and many houses and roads inundated in the southern regions, and heavy rain warnings across the country may be issued later in the day, according to the Korea Meteorological Administration.

The downpours will continue in the wider Seoul area and Gangwon Province with 30-50 mm of rainfall expected per hour until early Wednesday, while South Gyeongsang Province and the southern part of North Gyeongsang Province are expected to receive up to 50 mm of heavy rain as well. Other regions will receive similar amounts of rainfall, the weather agency said.

Police and firefighters mobilized 21 pieces of equipment and 93 personnel to search for a woman in her 40s reported missing in Gyeongsan, 250 kilometers southeast of Seoul, after being swept away by floodwate
r at around 5 a.m.

In the southeastern city of Daegu, four cars were waterlogged on the streets, and one person was stranded inside a house after a sewage backflow late Monday before being rescued by firefighters.

In North Gyeongsang Province, 34 people were rescued by firefighters from Sunday until 6 a.m. Tuesday, and firefighting services received 224 reports in total, including 73 cases of home flooding and 64 cases of road disruptions.

Four people were rescued in nearby Daegu from 5 p.m. Monday to Tuesday morning, officials said.

Meanwhile, heat will batter the southern resort island of Jeju, with the apparent temperatures soaring up to 33 C until Wednesday, and over 35 C in the island’s northern and eastern regions.

The daily highs are expected to hover around 25 to 30 C. The daytime temperatures in major cities had recorded 23.5 C in Seoul, 23.9 C in Daejeon, 24.6 C in Gwangju and 25.2 C in Busan as of 8 a.m.

Source: Yonhap News Agency